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The Board of Directors of Camp Rawhide is pleased to announce Mr. Paul Austin Mendoza, the organization's new Executive Director. Paul will follow Patryce Mendoza's twenty-three year legacy of leadership and compassion. We are collectively elated about the new energy, new ideas, and new skills that Paul brings to Camp Rawhide. His long history of working with dogs and cats allows Camp Rawhide to continue and expand our near quarter-century dog care. Paul will complement our "people-to-people" traditions--advocating for progressive dog care and training. Join us in welcoming Paul Mendoza!

Many people like to know about the person they will be working with to make their relationship with their dog better. This page tells a little about Patryce Mendoza and how she came to study dog behavior.

2004 Camp Rawhide made its debut as the first full service dog care facility in Napa, under the supervision of its owner Patryce and her family. At the age of 25 Patryce served as an apprentice to author and trainer Matthew Margoils and rapidly moved to become a skilled dog trainer and behaviorist.

In spring 1985 Patryce trained her first dog in Southern California while working for one of the country's premier dog training facilities, Hollywood Dog Training School. There she studied under the company owner Richard Carl and other trainers. As a dog handler, Patryce participated in the K9 agitation sessions associated with personal protection training.

The 90's brought her together with author and president of Animal Behavioral Collage Inc., Steve Appelbaum. When she wasn't training she was experiencing the intricacies of grooming and health aspects of dogs. The experience afforded Patryce the position of assistant to known trainers and groomers in the motion picture industry. Beethoven 2, Pet Sematary two and Alien 3 .

Her work with accredited pioneers in the dog industry has given her essential resources for understanding K9 behavior and motivations. With this knowledge, Camp Rawhide was established.

Over twenty years in the dog training industry, rising through the ranks from a young apprentice to becoming managing director and owner of Camp Rawhide, Patryce is devoted to helping people help their dogs live a happy life.

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